Balance Beam Videos

Balance is not static, balance is being able to control your body through movement. without balance or control we hang on connective tissue or we fall into joint positions. Over time this causes damage or wearing down of the tissues and can also be the source of sudden injury when fatigued or moving faster or with more force.

here one will find some example videos of beam exercises to improve balance and control of your body through movement.  A daily balance routine can be a fun and immensely powerful mental and physical practice when done consistently.

Beams are a fantastic tool to train and reclaim your hip stability, ankle and foot mobility, and help to increase body awareness for injury prevention.

*All the large balancing movements are your body and brain figuring out how to fire and control your body and stop you falling over.  Beam work is self teaching - that means just try not to fall off and your brain and body will develop better skills.  Over time the big compensatory movements become much more refined and require less and less concentration.