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Breathing Mechanics
and C02 Tolerance

Often overlooked by health professionals and coaches, how we breath determines our ability to use the oxygen we breath in.

Chronic over breathing and poor breathing mechanics can lead to suboptimal performance, decreased ability to exercise, and in extreme cases can lead to other health issues. Chronic mouth breathing leads to a reduced tolerance to C02.  Reduced levels of C02 actually inhibits the transfer of oxygen from the bloodstream to the organs and muscles.

As part of our Analysis we always look at breathing mechanics and test for low C02 tolerance in order to ensure each client is getting the most out of their body.

For more information please get in touch, but first take the test as described in the section below.


Test Yourself
Check your BOLT score to see if you have a breathing issue rather than a health and/or fitness issue

If you have a score of less than 20 seconds then it is definitely worth getting in touch for some help with breathing mechanics, this can be seamlessly included in the running technique programme or as a separate program for non runners.


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